Need for Speed World Christmas Events

The biggest christmas events ever hold!

Maybach Exelero

1 of the most expensive car on the world!

Porsche 914-6 GT

A Vintage Porsche from The Golden Age of Racing

Aston Martin DB5

The Legendary Aston Martin!



Need for Speed World Lovers Christmas Events - The Winners

Happy Holidays!

So, few weeks ago we held a Need for Speed World Christmas Events. Some of them had ended. But some of them are still running. Now time to announce the winners like I've promise before.

1. Desktop Design Contest
Your code have been sent via Forum PM

2. Spot the NFSW Lovers
Remarks : TheBlacklist777., Michael Ricky, Clinton Deiters, Daniel Stanciu, Marcin Kamienik
Your code have been sent via e-mail.

3. Forum Avatar and Signature design contest
Remarks : THEMUSTANG, NfsMilan, 08001690169, SKILLONWHEELS, SNI1P3R
Your code have been sent via Forum PM

4. Pursuit Challenge
Remarks : oLotusFX
Your code have been sent via Forum PM

5. Holiday Greeting Card design contest
Your code have been sent via Forum PM.

6. Community Gaming Session
Remarks : @ElDiferenteNFSW, @davipage
Your code have been sent via Twitter Direct Messages.

Some of them still coming soon, so for those who haven't joined yet, B'quick and check out the thread for the info about when the contest end! And please be warned, that entries that sent via PM won't be considered as valid entry.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Need for Speed World Lovers team!


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

On this opportunity, we're from NFS World Lovers team wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


Greetings Card design contest

As long this is Christmas, we think it isn't complete yet without christmas greetings card. So we're the team decided to change the Tweet it up event to this one.

So I'd like to see the community creativity by make a design of Christmas Greetings Card! There will be 1 winner for this event, and the winner design will be used by me to give a greetings card. And of course I wouldn't get it for free. I'll pay the winner with Winter Vinyl Packs code!

This event will be hold on EA Forum, so if you haven't verified your origin account, you should verify it to join on forum. I will open a thread on forum on December 12th so you can post your entry.

Read the rules before posting if you don't want to get disqualified, and if anyone break the rules, without see that he/she is our friend or no, with heavy heart, we will disqualify you.

The rules :
  • The desktop background must be in format : JPG, JPEG, or PNG
  • Post your design on the thread which will be opened on forum
  • You can't copy paste from the internet. It has to be your own made. But you can search for an inspiration from the internet
  • You could post it with any size but don't make it to small or to big. Standard size of greetings card usually A5 or A7
  • Post also your direct link to your full size picture (if your picture larger than width 655)
  • The winners will be choosen by judging of NFS World Lovers team.
  • Forum rules and ToS are valid. So, don't post inappropriate design.
  • This contest starts on December 12th and will be closed on December 23th
  • Winners will be announced before or on December 24th. Because I will use the winner's design for greeting cards for December 25th.
  • The theme for the greetings card has to be Christmas theme.
  • You only can submit 1 design. And can be edited until the deadline. Submit more than 1 design won't be maximize your chance to win and will only make you disqualified.
  • This contests can be joined by all people around the world, not restricted
Any question? Feel free to ask it via @NFSworldcars or the opened thread on forum.



NFS World Lovers Community Gaming Session (Christmas Challenge Day 5)

This is the final!

We're the NFS World Lovers team want to say hello, racing together with all cool community. So we decide to make a community gaming session.

The community gaming session is where you can race or play TE or even drag with anyone. I'm sure there are not much of you want to meet and race with who hold the event on NFS World Lovers page, and those who work good on this page for this year.

We'll be play in both server Apex and Chicane. The timing :
December 13th
Starts : 3:00 AM PST/11:00 AM UTC
Ends : 5:00 AM PST/1:00 PM UTC

On the first hour we're on Chicane-EU and Apex-EU. For the next hour will be on Chicane-US and Apex-US.

You can use any car do you want to use, but be warned that I will running a Juggernaut.

If you want a prize, you can send your screenshot by racing with your friend or even with me or NFS World Lovers team via twitter @NFSworldcars. 2 winners choosen by random will get the Winter Vinyls Packs. They will be announced on January 3rd as well as another Christmas Challenge winners.

Any question? Ask away!

So see you on the road and let's have fun together!

Pursuit Challenge (Christmas Challenge Day 4)

This is the new event hold by NFS World Lovers team, suggested by our friend, Enggar.

On this Christmas Challenge, we'd like to challenge you to break the rules on the road as much as you can (but don't break the rules of event, because you will disqualified).

Go to any Pursuit Outrun event, get the highest heat level, get the highest cost to states. The highest player who get the highest cost to states is the winner. The winner will receive a code for Winter Vinyl Packs.

Event starts on December 12th.

The rules :
  • One entry per player, can be edited since it's before the deadline.
  • You CAN post videos from your pursuit outrun. But you MUST submit your In Game Name, Forum name, and a link to your nfs-s to prove that you're not a cheater.
  • Only Nitrous are allowed for powerups.
  • No instant cooldown or you will be disqualified
  • Cooldown spots are allowed.
  • Any cars are allowed
  • The deadline is on December 30th and the winners will be announced on January 3rd with another Christmas challenge winners
  • Spammings will count as disqualification. Cheater will also count as disqualification and maybe perma-ban of your account.
Break the road rules now and get case with the cops! Starting in December 12th!

~ Renevees